The front room is the most diverse of our domestic space. It is where we mingle and entertain, read in solitude, stay up late and doze off early. The front room must accommodate many versions of ourselves, yet it is a place where we present a singular identity through the language of the products that we choose. It is a room where our families gather, for which we gather a family of objects.

THE FRONT ROOM: GEOMETRY & COLOUR is a presentation of new objects for the front room. Each object is a fresh version of it's predecessor, and all are united by the ritualistic nature of sheer geometries and strikingly contemporary color palettes. In a departure from the amorphous forms that have preoccupied the design world in recent years, this up-and-coming group looks to purity with an element of playfulness.

THE FRONT ROOM is a self-initiated project brought to you by Matylda Krzykowski and by Marco Gabriele Lorusso.

The show is hosted by Ca' Laghetto.

Made in design Studio