The word to the designers: a description of their front room.

Dana Cannam
Home, the room that says goodbye and hello. My place that I want to share with others. An indication of my personal life, but now too deep, just enough to entice.

Phil Cuttance
A mess of things found, made, and gifted.

Lex Pott and David Derksen
An exhibition of exotic light bulbs, laboratory glassware, a plant on steroids and a fishnet

Earnest Studio
One large room, divided by function. It's a spare, but cosy space furnished with a jumble of modern, contemporary and period objects. Most importantly, it's full of light and plants.

Agata Karolina
A cacophony of textiles greets you. This opens up into a open plan living/dining room and kitchen. Plants, paintings and our beloved Bovenkamp lounge chair play the biggest roles. Many a small souvenir and trinkets from our travels and families. Its a small cosy space, but for now its home.

Miya Kondo
Bright and pure white, sparsely furnished with a few old characters. It's an honest space.

Daphna Laurens
Grey floor, two windows, red sofa, wooden table, books, sofalamp, lost and found chairs.

Mieke Meijer
My front room is my private mini museum. It's a mixture of homemade and second hand furniture supplemented by special design objects exchanged with or received from designer friends.My black & white cat is an integral part of the interior.

A small collection of objects collected by us to remind us of where we have been and done. Along with the functional objects like furniture, pieced together from our favorite designers. A space to come home to, but still doesn't seem to fit us perfectly yet, a few more front rooms are needed still.

Henny van Nistelrooy
It's a struggle, not welcoming and probably a very discouraging place for people attending a break in. It's a storage, a mess, fairly dark and dusty. It's the lead to something of the opposite, our kitchen.

Fabian von Spreckelsen
Bright versus dark, clear cut lines cut through the transcript of our transience // A paradigm shift takes place

Studio Like This
White and bright, with plants and a mixture of beautiful and strange books.

Franziska Wernicke
A white space sparsely filled with essentials in black and gray, colorful bits & pieces come and go with the flow. A minimalists' playground.